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Africa to the Americas

Roots Run Deep: Africa to the Americas presents a collection of superb black and white photographs illustrating the continuity that exists between indigenous Africans and people of African descent in the Americas. The aphorisms and photographs merge the people by shifting from Africa to the Americas and back, illustrating an important aspect of art forms in general, namely, that the significance of a situation is determined by the way in which it is presented and interpreted. The book demonstrates the breadth and depth of a culture rich in its beauty and creativity. Roots Run Deep: Africa to the Americas provides visual texture to many African-based modes of expressions, including work, education, religion, art, music and cultural traditions.  This 300-page hard cover book will make a great home coffee table decor accessory or as a gift for a loved one.





what people say.

what people say

Roots Run Deep: Africa to the Americas illustrates Willard’s historical connection to African people and to their international struggle. His connection to Africa was not just hereditary, it was also a half century long self-selected social and political avocation. As an activist working in international movements for African revival and redemption it was imperative that he study African art, history, culture and politics. Willard first visited Africa in 1972 as an international exchange student at the University of Ghana-Legon. His visits to African countries never stopped and were supplemented by trips to numerous countries in the Americas, particularly those with strong African influences. More than fifty years after it was conceived, Roots Run Deep: Africa to the Americas, represents Willard G. Taylor’s patience, strength, philosophical insights, photographic craft and artistry as well as his commitment to and love for African people worldwide.

Charles Daniel Dawson

African American and African Diaspora Studies Department

Columbia University


I have admired the photography of Willard Taylor for over 30 years. Each time  I look at one of his pictures whether black and white or color, I have been  in awe. I take a  deep breath, amazed at his ability to capture a simple subject  with such beauty and magnificence.  His creativity goes beyond technical skill and enters the zone of pure spirit.  Many call it genius, but most artists refer to it as being in the “zone”.  I truly love Willard’s work and I’m immensely glad that it’s being shared in this book.  May you enjoy his work as much as I do and have over the years.

Charlene M. Claye

Claye Research Institute

the team behind the book.

the team

Albert G. Mosely is a Professor of Philosophy at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.  He has authored and co-authored two books: African Philosophy and Affirmative Action: Social Justice or Unfair Preference? His article, “Autobiographical Musings on Race, Caste, and Violence appeared in Radical Philosophy Review, a peer-reviewed forum for activist scholars, community activists, and artists.  His most recently published philosophical essays are: “Music, Modernity, and Pragmatism”; “Racial Differences in Sports: What’s Ethics Got to do With It?”; “African Philosophy at the Turn of the Century”; “Expanding the Moral Circle”; “From Racism to Speciesism”; “Should the Racial Contract Replace the Social Contract?”; and, “Science and Technology in Contemporary African Philosophy.” 


He has also constructed reviews on books such as “Wonders of the African World” by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and “An Introduction to African Philosophy” by Samuel Oluoch Imbo.


Willard G. Taylor is a professional photographer who practices in the areas of commercial and fine art photography.  His work is displayed in a plethora of formats: CD, video, magazine covers, and album jackets, which span the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and South America.  His fine art prints have been exhibited at national and international galleries in the U.S., Senegal and Brazil.

Taylor is currently the President and Founder of YourWorld Consultant Group, Inc., a special interest market research and development consultant company dedicated to serving groups and organizations interested in African Diaspora international educational programs, its culture and events.  He served on several boards of directors including the Olatunji Center of African Culture, the Duke Ellington High School for the Arts in Washington, D.C. and the International Capoeira Angola Foundation.  He has received numerous distinguished awards in the field of photography, including Time-Life Books - New Discovery (1977) and McMillian Publishers – The Complete Book of Photographers (1981). 

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